Surfboard Models


A tribute to Greg Noll and Mickey Dora that’s meant to be ridden. The outline of the board is pure 60’s with a pulled in nose and hips back of center. The board features 50/50 rails from nose to tail with the famous long step/hump deck accented by a slight chine to the deck rail. The bottom contours are very simple giving this board nice drive and projection out of turns and a clean trim spot about center. Go clean, clear volan or throw some pigment on it – either way grab your trunks and a bar of wax.

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  3/8” cedar is standard

-Fin:  Malibu Classic if you’d like or Miss Lucy


Wave count and stability perfected.  This full figured noserider (the dimensions of a 9’6”:  nose = 20.5”, mid = 24.5” and tail = 16.5”) finds it’s home in waves about shoulder high and under - pretty much any California day.  The board features a long blended concave for lift, to a slight belly mid with a bit of roll/vee at the fin helping this board connect.  The rocker is a tad lifted in the nose for clean wave entry with flat rocker out the tail which aids in drive and speed.  The rails are shaped as forgiving 50/50, but the small side of the egg for hold - no catch rails.  As you can see in the photo it all adds up to one finely executed plan shape - no  big ears or trash can lid noses here.   Long summer days and sweet rolling waves…

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  Single 3/8” cedar center stick and hd reversed foam wedge tband in the color or no color of your choice.  

-Fin: KD Miss Lucy


A classic shape - take with you anywhere board.  By no means is this a middle of the road board or a basic, off-the-rack shape.  The Hustler outline features a slightly fuller figure about center with a slightly pulled in nose (semi pig).  The rails are slightly pinched eggy all the way from nose to just about the tail where they harden a bit as they exit the plan shape.  The rocker is tuned, not too flat and not too bent, for smooth connected surfing. Drop down the face and crank a turn off the bottom, throw a bit of spray off the top and step up to trim high across the wave, cut back and put the tail in the pocket then run out to the nose for a cheater five.  This is the single fin you want in your quiver whether you constantly surf up and down the coast or stick to your home break.

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  Your choice.  Traditionally we’ve done split 3/8” cedar offsets 7” apart with no center stringer.  Or spaced 1” apart.

-Fin: KD Miss Lucy


More models with pictures and info coming soon:  Mini Jimmons (The Short Bus) The Bastard (Progschnozticator), Ka Po’e Ae’a, The 12’er, Big Bob, Stylemaster I & II, Bull Nose EPS Fish, Fish, Bat Tail Quad, Styro Quad, and Mystery Twin Fin

A single fin transition era board built exactly, including the original lam, as Jim built them back in 1971.  The board is very avant garde with its step/scooped deck and reverse rocker in the tail.   The nose rocker is turned up a bit, as seen in the transitional boards of the time, when we were all learning about entry rocker for critical surfing on shorter boards.  The rails are fairly full but slightly turned down to about 70/30.  The bottom is fairly flat with some vee behind the fin for beautiful sweeping bottom turns and minute changes in the pocket.  Long walls and flowing turns are home to this cosmic time machine.

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  3/8” cedar is standard

-Fin:  Flex or Offspring (why not add glitter)

The Soul Creation

A classic 60’s shape dialed in as only the Genius can. The bottom features a huge 24” deep dish, or blended concave for lift that is perfectly paired with the long and low rocker which exits the tail with a slight kick.  The bottom contours aft of the concave show a subtle roll allowing the JP to softly settle into the wave. Full, soft, 50/50 rails from nose to tail are foiled to keep some thickness up front while tapering in the rear for sensitivity.  The result is a serious nose rider that performs – this is no one trick pony and will not be branded like with others as a stiff, “water pusher.”  Hang your heels today.

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  5 Stringer T-band of 1/8” redwood center stick, 1/4" colored hd foam on either side and sandwiched between two 1/4" balsa stringers.  A white hd foam tail block is added with an 1/8" strip of same color hd foam as in the tband.

-Fin:  JPNR Fin


The High Performance Noserider is a rockered and contoured longboard for more progressive/vertical surfing.  The rails start out at 60/40 in the nose but very quickly transition to a 70/30 tucked edge all the way to a hard/release edge in the tail.  A slightly blended yet defined concave runs about 24” under the nose to flat in the middle and then a double barrel concave/vee finishes off the tail.  Don’t let the rocker or concave fool you into thinking this board sacrifices paddle-ability for surf-ability; this board paddles extremely well.   Think of this board as high-flying surfing: torque-y bottom turns, pulling up into a rail grab in the barrel, fly out onto the nose then run back to crank another bottom turn into a floater. 

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.  Or White Hot EPS Foam (high flying EPS is a great material for this HP board).

-Stringer Configuration:  3/8 bass, dual 3/8 balsas about 1” apart, etc...

-Fin: Go single or go 2+1

HP Noserider (HPNR)

Simmons made ‘em light, Velzy made ‘em turn...and Phillips made ‘em relevant.  This model defines the boards of the late 50’s / early 60’s - before noses widened and signature models were introduced.  A pulled in nose and soft rounded squaretail, with hips about 10” behind center, are the marks of what Dale Velzy designed as The Pig.  The rails start slightly up in the nose, where there’s a bit of belly, and then they smoothly transition to 50/50, which works with the slight body roll all the way through the tail.  Just ahead of the fin on the bottom we’ve added some additional roll to allow the board to rotate and bank stylishly side-to-side.  The board gets a glass on fin but we don’t put it right back on the tail because there’s no need…we like it about 4” up from the tail, just so the trailing edge of the fin lines up with the tail block.  This placement, along with the fin shape, allows you to really open her up on the face.  The Pig is one of the most user-friendly boards you can own.  Baggy trunks and whip turns…waaa hooooooooo!

-Materials: US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  A true 1” redwood (no puny 7/8” sticks here) or wide balsa...2”, 3” or.....?

-Fin: Glass on pig fin or skeg of your choice

Van Velzer aka The Pig

A modern impression of the Morey Pope Blue Machine made famous and ridden to perfection by Bob Cooper.  The standout design elements of the board are a kicked tail, low entry rocker with a wing nose (down rail) and a slightly piggish plan shape.  The kicked tail does two things: it provides drag in the curl and acts as a pivot point working with the outline allowing quick rail-to-rail transitions.  The wing nose acts just like an airplane wing to provide lift along the face.  We’ve modernized the design and made it our own by smoothing out the outline and perfecting the tail kick as well as softening the rail to make it more neutral. This is a great board for point breaks or beach breaks…glide into the wave, slide up into the pocket where the tail locks and the wing nose lifts.   Left go rights all day please!  Available as a step deck as well (go step deck!).

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Stringer Configuration:  1” Balsa Wedge

-Fin: Greenough Stage 4


Jim talks about Da Copy Cat on the Media page